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Typical floor plan of Busov Hill
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Typical floor plan of Busov Hill residential complex
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Elite apartments in Busov Hill

All apartments are offered for sale with an open plan. Panoramic glazing, a lot of points for bathrooms will allow you to create your own individual and unique interior.

The pass apartments to investors in this condition:

- Layout - free, with supplied sewage and ventilation risers for kitchens and bathrooms (interinal walls can be installed according to the sketches of apartment owners)

- Ceiling height (up to the screed) 3 100 mm

- Entrance door with designer HPL overlays

- External and inter-apartment walls made of red effective brick with a thickness of 250 mm.

- Warming of external walls with a basalt plate 200 mm thick

- Installation of a hinged ventilated facade system using the Schueco aluminum profile (Germany), Guardian multifunctional energy-saving glass units (USA), porcelain of the PorcelainGres factory (Germany)

- High-quality noise insulation for the entire area of the canvas Verdani 33/10

- Duker cast iron sewage system (Germany)

- Ventilation boxes for kitchens and bathrooms of galvanized steel with satellite connection system, masonry around the box

- Horizontal distribution in the screed of heating and water supply systems with KAN-Therm pipes (Poland), installation of heating devices: steel radiators Quinn (Belgium), floor convectors Carrera

- High-quality screed of reinforced cement mortar M 200 with the addition of fibropropylene crumb, with finishing polish

- In-house electric switchboard, the allocated capacity for an apartment from 16 to 25 kW

- Smart-meters: electricity, heat, hot and cold water.

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