Apartments type H

The total area of the apartment selected:
156 м2
The cost of 1 sq.m. from $2000
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Luxury apartments in LCD Busov Hill

The transfer of apartments to investors occurs in this state:

All apartments are offered for sale with a free layout. Panoramic windows, a lot of points for fixing bathrooms will allow you to create your own individual and unique interior.

Planning - free, with sewage and ventilation risers for kitchens and bathrooms (installation of internal walls according to sketches of apartment owners is possible)

Ceiling height (up to the screed) 3 100 mm

Front door with designer HPL liners

Exterior and interroom walls of red effective bricks with a thickness of 250 mm.

Thermal insulation of external walls with a 200 mm thick basalt plate

High-quality screed made of reinforced cement mortar M 200 with the addition of fibropropylene chips, with the execution of finishing polishing

Internal electrical switchboard, dedicated power per apartment from 19 to 25 kW

Installation of a ventilated façade system using Schueco (Germany) aluminum profiles, Guardian (USA) multifunctional energy-saving double-glazed windows, PorcelainGres (Germany) designer porcelain tiles

High-quality noise insulation in the area of the whole apartment with Verdani 33/10 canvas

Pig-iron sewer system Duker (Germany)

Ventilation ducts in kitchens and bathrooms made of galvanized steel with satellite connection system, making brickwork around the duct

Horizontal wiring in the coupler of heating and water supply systems with KAN-Therm pipes (Poland), installation of heating devices: Quinn steel radiators (Belgium), Carrera floor convectors

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Why Busov Hill is rightly considered
one of the best residential complexes of Kyiv?

Quiet safe area in the center of Kyiv
Building management system
Exemplary engineering and equipment from global brands

How to buy an apartment in Busov Hill

Depending on the terms of payment, there are several options for buying apartments and commercial real estate in Busov Hill LCD: 100% payment. The buyer pays the entire cost of the apartment within 3 banking days from the date of signing the contract. At 100% payment discounts are provided according to the current loyalty programs of the sales office. Installment from the developer. Installment from the developer. The minimum amount of the first installment - 30% of the value of the apartment - is made within 3 banking days from the date of signing the contract. The remaining amount is paid monthly equal to payments....

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