Homes "face" will be provided by PorcelainGres


German factory PorcelainGres named as the supplier of porcelain stoneware slabs for arrangement of ventilated facades of the residential complex.

Choosing ceramic granite facade for Busov Hill, the company «Zhitlobudinvest» had a task to find a material that not only emphasizes the unique architecture of the building, but also creates an image of elitism, which is relevant to the status of future tenants.

At the same time the aesthetic  features of the material had to be combined with technical specifications, such as - environmental friendliness, frost resistance, UV resistance.

 A series of German porcelain GreenTile - fully meet the high requirements of the material, which will become the "face" of the house. GreenTile - a kind of sand stone rocks, skillfully projected in porcelain stoneware. Design of the collection is a perfect combination of the basic requirements - colors and textures that allow you to reproduce the visual and tactile properties of the natural stone.

The color scheme is executed in light gray, natural shades, which emphasizes a refined texture that creates an effect of lightness. Minimum figure repeatability (about 100 varieties of plates - «faces» - in one series), creates an image of stone slabs, which are diverse and unique like nature.

In addition, the stove and the appearance of the house will change depending on the light - calm cold stern plate in the rays of sunset will gain a warmer hue.


PorcelainGres Factory was built in 2003 in the city of vetschau, Germany. The idea belonged to the company Iris Ceramica & Graniti Fiandre - one of the most influential groups of the Italian manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Doubtless contrast PorcelainGres collections - a minimalist style that allows you to emphasize the features of modern architecture and design. Factory PorcelainGres - an Italian design with German quality.

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