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History of the place
Busov Hill – a historical place known since the times of Kyivan Rus as the most important spiritual and administrative area of Kyiv. Today there are three Orthodox monasteries: Iona, Zverinetskiy and Vydubitsky.
History of the place History of the place

 The name comes from the old Slavonic word ‘busa’ or ‘bous’ meaning ‘ship’ or ‘boat’ or another kind of vessel. Historians say that a thousand years ago, Busov Hill together with the Busovo lowland located beneath were an important shipbuilding center.

In the tenth century, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus wrote: ‘Russian caravans heading to Constantinople gathered near Kyiv where they retooled their boats preparing them for a far sea voyage. They gather their boats in the Kyiv fortress called Sambatas’.

Sambatas fortress located on Busov Hill probably appeared two centuries before the founding of Kyiv, about the year 250. Many modern researchers call Busov Hill the place where the history of the Ukrainian capital began. 

In Kyivan Rus times, the fortress continued to function, and the part of Busov Hill called the Red Yard was used by the Kyivan Princes as their country seat. Here the Princes’ hunting area was located and thus it was call ‘Zverinets’ (‘wild beast shew’).

Busov Hill became one of the most important spiritual centers of Kyiv. Zverinetskiy Cave Monastery was founded here long before the foundation of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. According to some data, the legendary library of Yaroslav the Wise could be partially stored in Zverinetskiy Cave Monastery.

In 1070-77, Vsevolod Yaroslavich founded Vydubitsky Monastery which quickly became the center of social and political life of Kyiv and of the princely court. In the Monastery, the Princes arranged negotiations, gathered the army and prayed before campaigns.

For more than thousand years of history, many miracles are believed to have been seen on Busov Hill. People claimed to have seen saints’ faces, pillars of fire up to the sky or a ‘flood not running but standing still as a wall half as arshin high‘. One of the miracles was the appearance of the Mother of God in a pillar of fire to father Jonah, and this was the cause of the Foundation of Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas located in the territory of the M. M. Hryshko National Botanical Garden.

According to many researchers, Busov Hill is one of the most powerful energy centers of Ukraine. The atmosphere of well-being, peace and serenity contributes to the glory of the Zverinets district as one of the most pleasant places to live in Kyiv. 


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Busov Hill - newbuild in Pechersk

 If you compare the Busov Hill and other new buildings in Pechersk, you will see a number of key advantages of our apartment complex.

First, the Busov Hill construction technology is the new elite Kyiv housing construction standard. Thus, an important feature of the house is its panoramic windows from floor to ceiling in every room. The open planning and the availability of outlets for connection of water closets in each projected bedroom – these Busov Hill’s features differ from those of standard new buildings in Pechersk.

The second important feature is the location. As a rule, new buildings in Pechersk are built in a complex. Thus, the development of large industrial zones turns into the new residential complexes in Pechersk. The problem of such a housing is the considerable load on the existing street network. Today’s problems with arrival and departure, the constant traffic and fumes become attributes of almost all new houses in Pechersk.

The Busov Hill is a pleasant exception to the rule. The house is located in the quiet and respectable Zverinets - a historic area of Pechersk district. All necessary infrastructure is within walking distance including the sports complex with a swimming pool, kindergartens and schools, restaurants, beauty salons, and grocery stores. Moreover, due to the nearby 120 ha green space of the National Botanic Garden, the residents can enjoy the fresh forest air and the peace of country living.

The convenient transport interchanges allow getting to the business center of the capital at any time, in a matter of minutes. In addition, the residential complex is only a 20-minute drive from the Borispol Airport. All this makes the Busov Hill Complex location the most favorable compared to other new buildings in Pechersk.

The view characteristics is another  requirement to be met by premium class apartments in Kiev. The dense development of the central part of Kiev makes this option impossible for any new property in Pechersk district. However, if you buy an apartment in the Busov Hill new Apartment Complex, you will enjoy the panoramic views of the Botanical Garden and the Dnieper River.

Some Developers believe that the location of a new building in Pechersk makes it an elite one. In our opinion, the premium status is not only the location but also the construction technologies, conceptual solutions, the level of finishing of common areas. In particular, the central lobby of the Busov Hill Complex has a height of 7.8 meters and a vertical gardening from the floor to the ceiling. Thanks to this, the reception area to welcome the residents of the complex and their guests is unparalleled not only among the Pechersk new buildings but also among all houses in Ukraine.

The presence of the building control system, the children’s playroom, a separate storage for strollers and bicycles are the additional benefits of our complex revealed when analyzing all new houses in in the Pechersk district of Kiev.

Its remarkable history and the healing energy, the respectable neighbourhood and the atmosphere of intimacy, privacy are the certain advantages of the Busov Hill Complex - the best new building in Pechersk, and throughout Ukraine.

To make sure, you can inspect all new building in Pechersk, but otherwise you’d better immediately contact the Busov Hill premium class residential complex without wasting your time.