About us

About us
The Concept

Developing the Busov Hill, we strove to achieve perfection in every detail. We chose the best piece of land on the highest point of Kyiv – Busova Hill. Stunning views and the pure forest air of the National Botanical Garden, a respectable surroundings of new luxury houses and private residences, the silence and the well-being of the neighbourhood... all this is perfectly combined with the proximity to the city's business center, and convenient transportation options for leaving Kyiv.

After studying the best Western European and Ukrainian experience, we can safely say that the Busov Hill Complex has no technical analogues in our country. The panoramic windows are made of multi-functional glass enclosed in the premium aluminum structures Schuco (Germany); open plans; equipment from world leading brands; the automated monitoring and building management systems -  all this will ensure maximum comfort and safety of the future residents.
The rich decoration of the common areas including the impressive lobby with a 7.8-meter high ceiling together with the panoramic windows, walls with waterfalls and the original installations will demonstrate the status and the prestigious position of the residents every day."

technical characteristics
  • Number of apartment floors:
  • Number of sections:
  • Number of apartments:
  • Non-residential area:
    ground (1) and first (2) floors
  • Parking:
    3 level underground parking and an above ground guest parking equipped with the license plate identification system
  • The facade:
    a suspended ventilated faсade made using basalt fiber and porcelain tile 
  • External and internal walls:
    effective ceramic brick, thickness: 250 mm
  • No internal walls::
    open plan
  • Insulation of interfloor overlappings:
    hydro-, noise-, vibration isolation over the entire area of the apartment
  • Glazing:
    Glass Wall technology,stained-glass windows 3000 mm high, aluminium section, DGU, Low-E glass, sun protection mirror coated glass
  • Floor height:
    3,3 m
  • Heating:
    Autonomous roof boiler (Viessmann, Germany)
  • Electric network capacity:
    20 kW for each apartment
  • Smart building system:
    The twenty-four-hour control of the essential services through the automated house monitoring and management system
  • Access control:
    closed secure area, twenty-four-hour video surveillance, security posts, personal security badge system, card access to the elevators
Advantages BUSOV HILL
History and atmosphere

Busov Hill is the place known since the times of Kyiv Rus as the most important spiritual and administrative area of Kyiv. Today there are three Orthodox monasteries with a long and amazing history not far from residential complex

History and atmosphere - photo
Elite neighbourhood

Zverinets is the most respectable and safe district of Kyiv. There are dozens of embassies, luxury private residences and condominiums in this district

Elite neighbourhood - photo
Best views in Kyiv

The location on the hill offers the breathtaking panoramas of the Botanical Garden and the Dnipro river even from the lower floors of the complex

Best views in Kyiv - photo
Health and beauty

Walking the alleys of the Botanical Garden will be perfectly complemented by classes in the VIP sports complex with a swimming pool, 20 meters from the Busov Hill Complex

Health and beauty - photo
Leisure complex

Restaurants, beauty salons and a supermarket are in walking distance. You need just a 10-minute drive to get to the country’s best clubs, concert halls and boutiques

Leisure complex - photo
School and kindergarten within 50 m

The nearest school and a kindergarten are located within a radius of 50 meters; you may also use the shuttle buses to get to the private VIP educational institutions

School and kindergarten within 50 m - photo
Architecture and Technology
Glass wall system

Using only panoramic windows: the window constructions enclosed in the aluminium structures from Schueco (Germany) cover almost the entire width and height of one wall of each room

Glass wall system - photo
Open plans

All apartments are offered for sale without interior walls. Every investor will zone the space on his/her own taste and receive the apartment redevelopment title documents

Open plans - photo
Independent heating system

The own gas boiler-house ensures the residents’ independence from the public utilities.

Independent heating system - photo
Smart building system

The twenty-four-hour control through the unified engineering system control unit with a cutting-edge sensor system

Smart building system - photo
Premium class only

Perfect engineering and equipment from the world's leading brands

Premium class only - photo
Noise Proof

The use of high-tech coatings and materials for additional hydro- and noise control throughout the areas of the apartments

Noise Proof - photo
Impressive common areas

Luxurious central hall with a 7.8- meter high ceiling and exclusive waterfall walls, cozy seating areas for residents and their guests

Impressive common areas - photo
Elevator connection of the parking and the residential wing

You may get to the 3-level underground parking without going outside, thanks to the central lobby and parking elevator connection

Elevator connection of the parking and the residential wing - photo
Children's room

For the youngest Busov Hill residents, there is a children's playroom. The Concierge Service offers babysitting services

Children's room - photo
Spacious pram storage rooms

Specially equipped places for storage of your strollers and children's sports equipment

Spacious pram storage rooms - photo
Bicycle Parking

There is a specially equipped bicycle storeroom

Bicycle Parking - photo
Concierge Service

The five star Reception and Concierge Services shall provide their services in a 24/7/365 mode

Concierge Service - photo
Closed territory

The closed territory, a private children's playground and landscape mini-parks

Closed territory - photo
Twenty-four-hour video monitoring

Security cameras are installed along the perimeter of the building.   The young Busov Hill residents’ parents can watch the video stream from the children's playground and the playroom from around the world

Twenty-four-hour video monitoring - photo
Multi-level access control system

The use of electronic keys, card access to the elevators, separate entrances to the residential and office parts of the complex provide complete privacy to the Busov Hill apartment owners

Multi-level access control system - photo
Car control

The automatic scanning of license plates of all cars driving in the territory of the Complex provides maximum comfort and safety

Car control - photo
Private security service

The territory and the common areas of the Complex are physically patrolled.

Private security service - photo

Special conditions and personnel requirements are set for the privacy of living in the Complex

Confidentiality - photo
Reliability investments
The land is owned by the Developer

The Developer’s Land Title is another guarantee of the investment reliability

The land is owned by the Developer - photo
Trusted Developer

The company Zhitlobudinvest was founded in 2002, its projects repeatedly won All-Ukrainian professional and international awards in the field of construction and architecture 

Trusted Developer - photo
Protected views

In close proximity to the house, there are no potential construction sites for high-rise buildings, and much of the Busov Hill territory is surrounded by capital new buildings

Protected views - photo
Luxury apartments in Kyiv

Today, many Developers call their projects Elite Apartment Complexes in Kyiv. Nevertheless, the only elite attribute of those luxury apartment complexes is often nothing but their location in the center of Kyiv, particularly in Pechersk.

We believe that the true luxury apartments in Kyiv are those meeting the European standards for premium class residence. In particular, the quality of the used materials and technologies is crucial.

In the Busov Hill Complex, we use the cutting-edge equipment from world famous brands, only aluminium sections, highly efficient multi-functional glass, noiseless elevators, German boilers Viessmann, etc. The engineering is working with clockwork precision, and our excellent quality of construction complying with international standards support our claim that we do build luxury apartments in Kyiv.

Another important confirmation of the status of the apartments is their small number and the exclusivity of every apartment. The Luxury Residential Complex Busov Hill consists of 146 apartments divided into two sections.  All the apartments are offered for sale with an open plan – the investor will dispose the walls of his ‘castle’ himself. Thus, in our Complex, there will not be two identical apartments, and this is another driver for buying a luxury Busov Hill apartment in Kyiv.

Of course, the status of residents of the luxury residential complex in Kyiv should be emphasized by the rich decoration of its common areas. First of all, it concerns the Reception area which is the first to welcome the apartment owners and their guests. The spacious Busov Hill central lobby has a 7.8-meter high ceiling - the most impressive height among all the elite residential complexes both in Kyiv and in the whole country. The original installations and the luxurious interior design of common areas demonstrate that the Busov Hill is a true residential complex of premium class in Pechersk.

If our creativity were limited to the central lobby only, we would not have the right to claim our title of the elite residential complex in Kyiv. We took care of the important rest and entertaining areas, the privacy of the guarded territory, the pram and bicycle storage rooms, children's room, the elevator connection of the parking and the residential wing. Due to all these Busov Hill’s features, the house meets the strictest European standards, and thus our house is a luxury residential complex like those e.g. in Paris or Berlin.

Another international standard for luxury residence requires attached bathrooms in each bedroom and a guests’ bathroom at the entrance. The Busov Hill open plans provide maximum of wetcore areas, and thus the owners may attach a bathroom to any projected bedroom. The Busov Hill is the only one luxury apartment complex in Kyiv ensuring this planning flexibility.

Of course, all luxury apartments in Kyiv must be notable for their excellent viewing characteristics. The panoramic windows of the Busov Hill catch the stunning views of the Dnipro river, the Botanical Garden,Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and the Motherland monument The best views from the luxury apartment windows in Pechersk may be admired from Busov Hill top where this premium class residence is located.

Another factor often neglected searching for a luxury apartment in the center of Kyiv is the environment. The 120 ha green space of the M. M. Hryshko National Botanical Garden will provide its fresh forest air for the premium class residence owners contributing to their youth, health and beauty.  

Today’s standard requirements to luxury apartments in Kyiv necessarily factor in the surrounding infrastructure. For the Busov Hill luxury apartment owners, there is a sports complex with a swimming pool, restaurants, spa- and beauty salons, a school and a kindergarten, shops and pharmacies located within walking distance.

Due to these and other benefits, the experts of the Ukrainian professional award ‘Ukrainian Construction Olympus’ called the Busov Hill Complex the best Elite Newbuild 2015. We are convinced that only the strict adherence to the international standards of premium housing construction allowed the experts to name us the Elite Newbuild in Kyiv.

If you intend to buy a luxury apartment in Kyiv, your right choice will be the Busov Hill Luxury Apartment Complex №1 in Pechersk.