Office premises to fit every taste

The first two floors of the Busov Hill residential complex are provided for commercial real estate. The premises with areas of 77 to 200 m2 are available. All premises are general-purpose rooms and may be used for corporate offices, as well as for the provision of services, and for trade. Showcase windows, separate entrances, open planning and the engineering of the highest quality - all this is an important advantage of the commercial real estate of the Busov Hill Complex.

The convenient transport interchanges, respectable neighbourhood, the high status of the house and its future tenants – all these factors are the key to successful business for the Busov Hill prospective commercial real estate owners.

Please, contact our Sales Office to choose a configuration of your interest, view the layout and to see free commercial areas.

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The Developer mainly sells the non-residential premises. At the same time, we accept our potential tenants’ orders for the provision of the premises to be further transferred to investors and buyers of the commercial real estate.

To fill the Rent Order, you have to select the area and fill out the Application Form in the Sales Office.

Those investors who wish to acquire the premises for further rentals will be provided a pool of interested prospective tenants. Thus, investments in the Busov Hill commercial real estate ensure a minimum investment payback period.

Advantages of our offices
For deluxe business class

100 % of consumers with high incomes and requiring high quality of goods and services

For deluxe business class - photo
Facade glazing

All the commercial premises have floor to ceiling full width facade glazings allowing maximum light and operational comfort

Facade glazing - photo
Separate entrances

In the lower level, all the commercial premises have separate front entrances. In the upper level, the premises have front entrances with stairs, and so your clients will find you in moments!

Separate entrances - photo

The building is equipped with the latest systems and equipment, the autonomous heating system, hot water supply and independent power inputs

Engineering - photo
IP and telephony

A wide choice of providers, unlimited number of telephone lines (fiber optics). nt power inputs

IP and telephony - photo
Property safety

Fire detectors, fire alarm system with output to the central control unit

Property safety - photo
Control unit

24-hour Control unit operation; prompt response of the in-house maintenance services

Control unit - photo
Security system

24-hour security, video surveillance, access control system

Security system - photo
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Commercial real estate in Pechersk – offices for the most demanding

The central location, the convenient transport interchanges and the respectable neighbourhood – these factors will encourage you to buy an office in Pechersk. In addition to the central location, the house status is of great importance when making your decision on the commercial real estate purchase in Pechersk district of Kyiv.

The commercial real estate in a new premium class building will accentuate your Company’s VIP-status.

The non-residential premises in Pechersk will provide a great source of income when leased out. Today, the Busov Hill Complex offers its premises for shops and services in the center of Kyiv.

Most of commercial premises in our house have separate entrances and show windows. It is important that we sell only facade commercial premises in Pechersk. All the offices are open-plan areas allowing unlimited opportunities for redevelopment.

Today, many clients are interested in renting offices in Pechersk. Thanks to the neighbouring of people with high incomes, many clients want to buy a shop premises in Pechersk or a salon room in the center of Kyiv.

The Busov Hill Sales Office offers both the commercial real estate in Pechersk and even ready-made business solutions. We process our potential tenants’ orders and provide them to the purchasers of our offices in Pechersk.

Thus, acquiring the Busov Hill non-residential premises in Pechersk, you are sure to protect and accumulate your investment income.