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Penthouse Apartments
View from window Penthouses in Kyiv with terraces for sale

On the upper floors of the residential complex there are exclusive penthouses with open terraces and panoramic views of the whole Kiev.

The design features of the house allow you to comfortably place on the summer areas arbors, barbecues and even swimming pools. For maximum convenience and safety of tenants of premium apartments, a protective fence with the use of tempered glass is installed along the perimeter of the terraces. This design allows you to simultaneously admire the amazing views and feel the comfort and security.

The area of open terraces is from 22 to 148 m2, and the minimum area of the penthouse is 145 m2. Owners of premium apartments can expand their penthouse by adding neighboring apartments, up to the creation of their own floor.

Availability and layout of penthouses specify in the sales office!

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Penthouse in Kyiv

The idea to buy a penthouse in Kiev as an alternative to a country house arises from many. Judge for yourself: a spacious penthouse in Kiev combines the convenience of city life with the privacy of your own land.

To choose the perfect penthouse, you must remember about the environmental situation. So, the neighborhood with noisy highways, exhaust gases of cars is a significant argument against buying a penthouse in the center of Kiev.

By choosing exclusive apartments in Busov Hill, you get the fresh air of the National Botanical Garden and the silence of a country mansion - in a word, this will be the perfect penthouse in Pechersk.

One of the important arguments for buying a penthouse in Kiev are also views. Penthouses in Pechersk rarely boast such panoramas from the windows, like penthouses in Busov Hill.

The National Botanical Garden, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Motherland monument, the noble private houses of the private sector, the Dnieper and the South Bridge - these panoramas will delight your eye every day if you buy a penthouse at Pechersk in the complex Busov Hill.

How to choose the right penthouse in Kiev?

First, you need to pay attention to the ecological situation near the house, as well as to the convenience of transport communication - that is, to buy a penthouse in Pechersk.

But not all penthouses in Pechersk have high specific characteristics. You do not want your penthouse in Kiev to look out the windows of the neighboring house? To do this, looking at the penthouses of Pechersk district, choose apartments in Busov Hill - then you definitely buy the most specific penthouse in Kiev.

The sale of penthouses in Kiev is carried out at the stage of building a house. This is especially important if you want to create an exclusive penthouse by combining apartments. Penthouses in new buildings in Kiev can be rebuilt to your own taste, perhaps even assigning a whole floor to your needs.
It is in the Busov Hill LCD that penthouses in Pechersk allow you to create an entire floor of apartments, implementing the most daring design ideas.

Please note that it is important to buy a penthouse with a terrace in Kiev - because otherwise you will receive just a specific apartment, but without your own summer playground. Penthouses with terraces in Pechersk from the developer are best to choose in Busov Hill, as all terraces have a windproof glass fence that will allow you to enjoy your viewable penthouse in Pechersk in any weather.

But it is worth hurrying! Busov Hill has a total of four penthouses with terraces. Luxury apartments will allow you to successfully complete the search for the perfect view penthouse in Kiev.

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