Intelligent building system is installed

Intelligent building system is installed

The installation of the "Intelligent Building" system has been completed

In the "Busov Hill" completed the installation of the system "Intellectual Building". Now we are debugging the work of the equipment, as well as training the staff.

For maximum security of the tenants of the complex, Busov Hill has installed such systems: fire protection, detection of high concentrations of harmful substances (gas control), anti-flooding, elevator equipment control, and energy accounting system. All signals are reduced to the "think tank" of the building - the dispatch center. It also manages the automation and dispatching systems for ventilation equipment, air-conditioning of the lobby and the operation of the OASA waterfalls, which are installed in the central hall of the residential complex.

In general, the automated building monitoring and management system can save up to 30% of energy resources. First of all, due to prompt detection of problems. The system consists of a number of sensors and controllers measuring important indicators at the entrance to the house, and in indoor networks. In the case of a non-emergency situation, the sensor transmits a signal to the control point of the house, at the point it is visible which sensor and where it worked. The operating organization immediately takes measures, proceeding from the protocol of reaction to this situation.

In addition, the Busov Hill implemented a heating management system. So, each apartment is equipped with smart heat meters, which 24 hours a day transmit information about the heat consumption of each apartment. Based on these data, as well as external temperature data, the most accurate regulation of the operation of the roof gas boiler house (Viessmann equipment) is carried out, and as a result, the costs for heating the house are substantially reduced.

Also in Busov Hill there is a multi-level access control system, whose work is also coordinated from a single control room. To ensure the safety of tenants and the safety of their property, access to all premises in the residential complex is provided with the help of personalized electronic keys. Signals on unauthorized opening of doors and shields immediately go to the building management point. Also on the perimeter of Busov Hill and in common areas cameras are installed, monitoring of which is carried out from the control room.

It is noteworthy that the common building modules of the Intelligent Building system in Busov Hill operate regardless of the presence of the Internet. To ensure uninterrupted power supply for all building systems, Busov Hill has its own transformer substation connected to two independent power lines. Thus, in the event of an emergency on one of the lines, the transformer substation goes to work on the second line.

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