Climate control equipment is installed

Climate control equipment is installed

Completed an installation of climate control equipment in Busov Hill

Lobby Busov Hill has an unprecedented height for the capital's new buildings - 8 meters, while one of the walls of the room is completely made from glass. Such a luxurious configuration requires a particularly careful approach when choosing the climate equipment to ensure a cool in the summer and a high-quality heating in the winter.

To maximize the comfort of the residents of the complex and their guests, in the lobby Busov Hill is installed super-power climatic equipment from the Japanese brand Daikin, produced in Belgium. The air conditioner works with inverter control of the processor, which provides high-precision support of the internal temperature and makes it possible to work in a wide range of external temperatures: from + 35 ° C to -15 ° C. The equipment capacity at the maximum operating mode is 23 kW.

Heating of the lobby in winter will be provided by floor heating systems, as well as underfloor channel radial convectors with forced ventilation from the German brand REIER.

It is important that all climatic equipment works absolutely noiselessly and completely hidden from the eyes of visitors of the lobby. Thus, it was possible to create the most comfortable conditions without changing the external appearance of the central hall.

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